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damn boy are you the terms and conditions because i don’t give a fuck what you have to say


Ana Teresa Barboza

Las bonitas y crudas obras de Ana Teresa Barboza mezclando bordado y dibujo o bordado y foto.

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A few shots from the Moscow’s Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (click images for a better quality and higher resolution)

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Heart Necklace

A beautifully intricate sterling silver heart shown anatomically correct is strung on a dainty sterling silver chain. A perfect every day necklace to be worn alone or layered.

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"The dial tones during the bridge of “Summer Shudder” spell out the word thispis, which is the Greek word for affliction."

Well shit. That’s nice to know.


Alyssa Monks

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Ezra Miller- Paper Magazine

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Terrarium bots

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1/? AFI Favorites: Top Three Albums -> Sing The Sorrow | Decemberunderground | Burials


I did this tattoo on a boy named Jake. We are both located in Brooklyn NY


let’s play a game called how far can i lean off the bed to grab the thing

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 Johnson Tsang Brings Ceramic Bowls and Cups to Life

With an adept understanding of ceramics and anatomy, Hong-Kong based artist Johnson Tsang  creates strange and unexpected anthropomorphic sculptures where human forms seem to splash effortlessly through functional objects like bowls, plates, and cups. While the works shown here are mostly innocent and comical in nature the artist is unafraid of veering into more macabre subject matter in other artworks that grapple with war and violence.

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This isn’t zombie makeup … it’s the other way around. He has a full body tattoo & they covered it w/ makeup.


He’s also starring in a new movie.

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"Gulabi Gang" is a gang of women in India who track down and beat abusive husbands with brooms.

this is too thug not to reblog

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